Love Summer


South Africans will tell you, no summer holiday road trip is complete without the customary wimpy fast food stopover.

With no above the line support and no promotional pull, we knew the in-store POS had to be as dynamic and engaging as possible. In addition to standard BTL tools, we looked into alternative media to achieve a fully integrated campaign.

The Wimpy Loves Summer campaign was a multi-faceted, mixed media campaign that aimed to define the quintessential summer moment for cosmopolitan Wimpy customers.

Ideation, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design, Digital Design
Art Director and Designer, UI design
Chris Dowding
Mo Ismail


We decided on 6 pre-determined market segments; Cape, beachfront, low-veld, urban, Midlands and Free State; and designed in-store POS depicting a summer experience unique to each locale.

Each POS segment was then rolled out across all Wimpy trading formats (old-look, new-look, Drive-Thru, Roadhouse, Halaal, etc.) – altogether a total of 44 artwork formats across the 6 segments.


A dynamic new website with state-of-the-art features was launched in conjunction with the campaign. The website featured the latest technology including impressive parallax effect plug-ins, flash games, the latest Google maps-integrated, geo-located restaurant locator with comprehensive search functions and the ability to showcase store-specific promotions for over 500 restaurants in South Africa and Africa.

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