Build Stronger, Faster


Sephaku Cement, owned by Dangote Cement, aspired to build prosperity in Africa. With the most high-tech plants in the country, it injected much-need energy into an ageing industry.

We were tasked with building positive brand awareness and sentiment by driving brand intention into next-day sales with retail tools and advertising.

Sephaku Cement
Strategy, Ideation, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design
Art Director and Designer
Jonny Fourie


Sephaku needed its own space in the market – it needed to establish its brand in the minds of various market segments.

Research revealed that Sephaku had the proof to deliver on a much stronger claim than just everyday cement – a claim that delivers a message of quality and the confidence to give customers a credible reason to purchase the product.


Through an in-depth ideation process, we changed the slogan “Fast. Strong. Confident” to “Build Stronger, Faster”.

Rather than merely say what the product was, we gave customers a value proposition that was confident about the quality and created a sense of action regarding how the product could add value to their professional lives.

Phase one was to focus on winning the retail battle, focused on outdoor and in-store branding, cross-merchandising, campaign promotion and competitions.

Phase two built brand equity with brand print adverts, digital campaigns across social media and radio.


Instead of competing with local giants, PPC and Afrisam, we used a strong mix of above- and below-the-line techniques to drive customer interest into stores and then converting them with a strong in-store and POS experience.

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