One Fell Swoop


One Fell Swoop blends creative problem solving with hard-hitting management consulting services.
They offer end-to-end solutions that connect business dreams to ballsy brainwaves.

To suit this bold positioning, OFS required a brave and rebellious brand and corporate identity.

One Fell Swoop
Ideation, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Art Director and Designer
Craig Herzberg
Tal Hassel


The One Fell Swoop logo couples a bold, street-art-style rooster and sophisticated, classically-styled typography. The intention was to meld the company’s spontaneous creativity and calculated consulting capabilities into a single conceptual entity.

The visual identity is based on the rebellious rock ’n’ roll and punk sub-cultures – notorious for their bold statements and defiance of the norm and includes various layouts for unique applications such as branded merchandise and stickers.

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