Small business owners have a clear view of their goals and are driven to achieve them. They want to grow their businesses but find themselves inundated by financial, managerial and operational challenges that inhibit progress.

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Nedbank POSPlus (POS tool) helps owners gain control of their business.

By consolidating key issue areas into one centralised management system, business challenges become opportunities for positive and uninhibited growth. We rolled out 2 creative concepts to address these benefits.

Supply Chain Execution



More than just numbers.

Example copy lines include:

Stock isn’t always a logistics problem.

Sales aren’t always an economy problem.

Business challenges aren’t always as they appear on the surface. Nedbank POSPlus allows you to look deeper into your business and make better-informed decisions that enable growth. By showing the many layers of a business and the way in which each depends on the other for success, we can illustrate the insight POSPlus can provide your business.

Interface Execution


Approach 2

By taking control of business challenges, we can turn negatives into positives. Nedbank POSPlus transforms challenges into opportunities for business growth, illustrated by highlighting POSitive outcomes of potentially negative situations.

Solution 2

Concept: What’s your POS?

Additional copy lines include:

Hidden challenges?  Expose opportunity.

Can’t deliver? Make it possible.

Financials in shambles? Get composed.

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