Mochachos Chicken Villages, a “Mexican Flavoured Flame Grilled Chicken” franchise, positioned themselves as an “exotic” and healthy fast food option.

Tasked with breathing new life into the brand, we considered their existing image, restaurant design and decor, with their rich, warm colours inspired by Mexican culture. We needed to educate the customer on the menu offerings and make them feel comfortable ordering items they were unfamiliar with, or could not pronounce.

Ideation, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design
Art Director and Designer
Michelle Goncalves


We developed a confident and positive visual identity, copy and brand tone, comprising bright colours and bold product shots. The revised slogan rang out to the change in the flavour of the flame-grilled chicken.

The look and feel was inspired by the richness of Mexican fabrics and traditional patterns, combined with urban textures and stencil work graffiti…


The brand refresh resonated product freshness, attitude and boldness. We created visual and appetite appeal that stood out from the competition with a sense or true street food.

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