Generosity Water is US-owned alkaline water with a pH balance of 10 that aspires to give people access to clean, healthy water.
We were tasked with developing a 1-year marketing plan to boost brand awareness and bottom-line sales.

Generosity Water
Strategy, Ideation, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design, Social Media
Art Director and Designer, Brand Strategy
Jonny Fourie


Consumers are changing how they eat, drink, exercise and think about nutrition. Hydration consistently ranks near the top of their health priorities and therein lay an opportunity to benefit from consumers’ interest in clean water. Customers wanted the right mix of added-value hydration options. Generosity had the right mix but consumers were just not aware of it.


We needed to educate consumers that Generosity was different from other waters. We developed a campaign premised off the back of a conversation starter, intended to convey that there’s more to Generosity’s water than customers might expect. Generosity is #NOTJUSTWATER.


We created a disruptive campaign for a disruptive product. It probed consumers to look deeper into the product and to understand that there are an array of benefits not evident to the naked eye.

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