DG Capital


DG Capital, a boutique financial services firm, required a total redesign of their website. This included an overhaul of the sitemap, brand image, user journeys and UI design.

DG Capital
UX Strategy, UI Design, Copy Writing, Photo Editing, Art Direction, Design, Illustration
UX UI Designer
Louis van der Walt
Tal Hassel


Our UX strategy included stakeholder and user interviews to understand business goals, success metrics and customer requirements. We performed user testing on the former website to gauge pain points before creating wireframes, which were tested.

We then designed high-fidelity statics and prototypes to test further. We created a digital style guide, rolled out the UI and managed the development team throughout all sprints. Targeted analytics were implemented and strategic feedback was provided on an ongoing basis.


Navigation choices were prioritised per user profile, which allowed users to engage red routes and important tasks quicker. From the home page, the first time the user understands where to start their desired journey and task, and enjoys an improved brand experience.

Services were better classified and reduced to avoid confusion. Contact forms were simplified and placed strategically to ensure better conversion rates.

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